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New recruit!

Carvin Johnson. He's a defensive back who hails from Louisiana. He's not exactly on the recruiting radar for any of the major services...but obviously, someone at Michigan has heard of him. In-depth write up from Tim @ mgoblog.

• Denard Robinson lined up at WR last weekend for a couple plays. In all the chaos, I didn't even notice until this article which says he's not being moved to a new position. But...isn't lining up at WR a move to a new position? I think it's probably the best situation for everyone...especially Robinson, who's days at QB have been rife with errors.

Fluff piece about former Heisman Trophy winner and all-around stud Charles Woodson weighing in on just how much tough it is to watch this team struggle the way it has over the past 2 seasons. Apparently, he's also getting flack from a guy who went to Cincinnati.

• Michigan coaches are urging patience as the losses keep adding up. But Rodriguez fears Michigan players need to play loose.

• RBUAS writes for the first time in a while. Read it.

• It's disconcerting to have a walk-on starting at safety on our defense. Solution? Offer him a scholarship.

• I received an email a while back from a guy named Drew who was attempting to attend every Big Ten venue this fall. Well, week 8 brought him and his friends to AA for the Penn State game. Here's his write-up on their experiences at the Big House.

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