Mark Ortmann Could Be Suspended For Purdue

It's not completely clear from the video posted by Dave Birkett at, but it seems as if OL Mark Ortmann may have struck Illinois' Cory Liuget in the midsection following his recovery of Tate Forcier's fumble early in the 4th quarter.

To me, it looks like Ortmann is indeed guilty of doing something to Liuget, but his helmet is in the way of the camera angle. Either way, Liuget is fine when he recovers the fumble, and then can barely walk when he gets to the sideline.

You be the judge.

If this holds up and the Big Ten suspends Ortmann for at least a game (which I'm assuming they will), we'll be without our starting left tackle for maybe our last and best shot at becoming bowl eligible this week against Purdue.


  1. I don't see the violation. This was a bang-bang play with no time for a planned retaliation of any sort. Even the announcers who watched the play never saw anything. Normally incidental contact during the commission of a play is often overlooked by the refs. Maybe this is the case.

  2. I hope you're right Voice. Brian at MGoBlog thinks the same thing that he'll be suspended.

  3. I was watching the game and saw it clearly. I even rewinded the tivo to show the others that were watching. He should be suspended for at least a game if not for the rest of the season. The play had been over for a while and it was not part of the bang -bang play action. Oregon stepped and did the right thing with their starting running back in the first game of the season. Michigan needs to do the same.