Mark Ortmann Cleared to Play Against Purdue

After getting the attention of the Big Ten for his apparent shot to the midsection of Illinois player Cory Liuget after recovering Tate Forcier's fumble in the 4th quarter, OL Mark Ortmann will not be suspended or receive any sort of punishment (via

It was widely speculated that Ortmann was guilty of at least doing something bad to Liuget. When the Illinois player made his way to the sideline, he could barely stand up straight.
“They agreed with our assessment that there would be no penalties,” Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said Wednesday.
According to Rodriguez, Ortmann used an open hand to push Liuget away from him. It was not his intention to hurt Liuget, it was simply just an accident that he hit him where he did.

We here at MBN only saw the angle from the ABC-TV cameras (video above)...and to us, it looked like he used quite a bit of force to "push" Liuget away.

But, the conference officials have spoken, and Ortmann is in. I must say, I am pretty relieved...we need him if we're going to move the ball against Purdue in maybe our last real shot at becoming bowl-eligible.

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