Ohio State Preview? None Needed.

I was about half way through a full-fledged preview for tomorrow's game when it hit me. After a good couple hours of going through the matchups and trying to discover an edge that Michigan could maybe somehow exploit to gain momentum and put tOSU on their heels, I had a moment of clarity. There might be a matchup or two in there that we might be able to do just that...but that's not going to be what wins this game for Michigan.

In reality, all it comes down to is playing completely inspired football and realizing that there really is nothing else to play for but pride.

tOSU is all about tough defense. They are big, physical and will try and stick our running backs 5 in the backfield and plant Tate in the ground. They will blitz. Like crazy. All we can do is block well, run hard, throw crisp and smart passes, and loosen up tOSU's defense by mixing up the play-calling.

If we can do that...we'll have a shot.

If not, it'll be over quick.

When you're the obvious underdog, you really MUST to do two things.
1) Don't turn the ball over.
2) No stupid penalties.

Those are just two ways in which Michigan has struggled to put teams away or stay close when overmatched. We can't beat a better team when we can't stop beating ourselves. We must at least give ourselves a chance to be successful.

I'll hold in my hopeful thoughts about tomorrow because it does me no good to talk about how much I think we still have a shot in this game. If I get too hyped up I might just drive myself crazy. As of this time yesterday I was planning on just sitting in a dark room in my house with the phones turned off and no internet access while I watched this game unfold. And I was perfectly happy with that plan.

But a friend at work was able to find two tickets into my possession so instead I'll be in section 37 with 110,000 of my Michigan brethren.

I wasn't going to try and get tickets to this game, but when two just happen to find me...who am I to argue with fate. God wants me to attend this game...if for no other reason to punish me for whatever sins I have committed in the past. Either way, I will be there along with my wife and we fully plan on losing our voices during the process.

I also won't get into any coaching talk right now. Win or lose, Rodriguez is not going anywhere. He has the full support of Mary Sue Coleman and Bill Martin...both of which aren't going anywhere for at least another off-season. They support Rich. So I support Rich. Win or lose, this is how it is.

But one guy who will get into that coaching argument is Mitch Albom who just happened to give a huge shot out to Maize & Blue Nation in his article in today's Detroit Free Press. He might have been referring to the actual Michigan fanbase...and not nessacarily this blog in particular, but we'll take it as a half-shoutout.
Of course, football coaches -- like parents of teenagers---- are often the last to know. Check the watercooler, the radio, the blogosphere, and you will hear that Rich Rod is all but gone, that Saturday's game, if lost, will be his last, that Jim Harbaugh is the new catnip.

Personally, I do not believe in using this space to get people fired. That's what bosses are for.

But I will say this to the Maize-and-Blue Nation. Be careful what you wish for.
He does say THE Maize-and-Blue Nation...using initial caps as well. Seems pretty obvious to me.

So does Michigan have a legit shot in this game? No way of knowing. But if they pull it off, it will be just as huge as 1969. Either way, the football Gods have sent me to this game for a reason. And I can't believe that it's just because they enjoy my misery. That's how I am looking at it.

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