Awesome Announcing

Dear ESPN,
I am writing to congratulate you of the amazing announcing work done by Mike Patrick and Craig James in last weekend's Michigan-Illinois game. Right from the start of the broadcast, I was happily welcomed with Mike's invitation "It's great to have you with us!". It's not exactly up there with Brent Musburger's "You are looking live...", but it's close. As soon as I heard Mike Patrick's eloquent voice, I knew I was in for a Halloween treat!

At many times throughout the game, I was regaled with the amazing insight and downright perfect description of what was going on on the field. I especially enjoyed the frequency Mike Patrick's many signature catchphrases, including "Are YOU kidding me?" and "Holy COW!". Craig James is just the right amount of awesome to reflect the onslaught of wonder that is Mike Patrick. Great job pairing these two broadcast stallions in the same booth.

I mean, even the proper pronunciation of players names can not dissuade Patrick from doing what he does best...and that is to weave pure announcing gold into living rooms and sports bars all over the country. Who cares that it's really Roy Roundtree and not Ray Roundtree? Or that it's Moosman and not Mossman? Who cares when we get to hear 5 good minutes of what Mike and Craig used to dress up as for Halloween. Mike's Mr. Peanut story had me in stitches for the better part of the 2nd quarter!

Anyway, just friendly reminder ESPN, to keep up the good work. Let's keep Mike and Craig busy in that booth for many years to come. I only have one small request. Is it possible to have this dynamic duo call any more Michigan games this season? It would just be the tops if we could hear some Thanksgiving or Christmas stories that I'm sure these two would be happy to share with us.

Congratulations again ESPN, we hope to hear Mike and Craig's voice again real soon!

Warmest Regards,
Maize and Blue Nation

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