I Believe

Disclaimer: Another tough loss this week...but at least this time it was to a ranked opponent whom I had fully expected to lose to well before this season began. And I'd love nothing more than to dive head-first into a long and drawn out post totally scrutinizing every aspect of this game, but I just really don't care that much right now.

At approximately 3PM eastern, it began...

It's Ohio State week.

This is the week I live for. This is the week when we started this blog for. There simply is no better time to be a Michigan fan.

Sure, I'll be the first to admit that it has not been easy to watch this team these last few weeks. Our defense is just bad...for the most part (sorry Brandon Graham, you still rock). But even with all of the struggles this team has had this year...for reasons passing understanding...I believe. There is absolutely no honest reason for me to feel this way. But at this point, as a Michigan blogger, I have two options.

1) Sulk.

2) Believe.

I choose the latter.

I believe in these young players. I believe that you reach a point when you're just sick and tired of being pushed around and listening to everyone tell you how much you suck. I believe that as a coach, you just have to lay it all on the line and dig deep.

Michigan may lose badly to tOSU, and I'm prepared to have to handle that if it happens (I'm used to it)...but for the next 6 days...this blogger will believe.

It starts right now.

tOSU can have all the Big Ten championships and Rose Bowls they want, they deserve them. But for 60 minutes next Saturday, they're going to have to enter the OUR Big House and find out how we feel about their title. It's our chance to prove to a national TV audience that Michigan will not just stand idle while the victory parade marches through Ann Arbor.

We as fans owe it to this team...to these few seniors we have left. They deserve a signature win to go out on...and this is their shot.

I believe.


  1. I believe. And Im still All In.

  2. I only believe what I see, therefore I'm NOT all in.

    Also, I don't sulk.

    Hopefully, next year at this time I'll have at least a little bit of confidence that M will beat OSU. At this point, it doesn't even seem likely for next year.

  3. I believe, and I believe that we need more people to believe too.

  4. Yeah, Danielle, if more people believe, RR will make better coaching decisions, the schemes will be more effective, the players will execute and the talent level of the team will improve.

    I believe....that I spend a lot of money for tickets and they still lose.

    Reality: If there are doubters it will NOT change anything. The only people that can change what happens are RR and the team. Oh, and me when I wear my lucky socks.