The Healing Process

Last Saturday was about as rough of a day Michigan fans have seen since Appy State in 2007 or Toledo in 2008. Those losses were public image failures for the program. Last week's loss was more of a psychological disaster. But step 3...or 9...I don't know...of the process is acceptance. It's time to realize what happened last weekend happened for a reason, and there's nothing we can do to change it.

Calling into radio talk shows and crying about how "this isn't your Michigan team", or that you think we'd be better off firing Rodriguez now and starting over, is not going to help in any way. But what does help, is watching this clip of the Las Vegas Cobras football team (website - warning, crappy music will play after you click the link) performing one of the most epic failures ever to be videotaped on a football field.

Oddly enough, the opposing team has on the signature Michigan winged helmets.

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