The Sweater Vest Said What?!

Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel writes (via Spawn):
Shortly after Saturday's Rose Bowl-clinching win, Jim Tressel told his team: "You can have three hours and savor this, but when the clock strikes 12:00, we know what week it is." Then: "I'm just playing with you guys. They have no defense. ... Take a couple of days off."
This seems way out of character for The Vest...but there it is. And while I question the voracity of this quote, I can't seem to find anything that is telling me this is either real or fake. I'm about 99.99% sure it's fake...but it's on no footnote or disclaimer saying its not genuine.

Your guess is as good as mine. But if it's true (or fake for that matter)...this is all the bulletin board material we'll ever need to step up this weekend. Whether Tressell or Mandel said it doesn't matter that much. The truth hurts either way.


  1. Yeah I know losing so much can be extremely hazardous to your health, but you might want to read that SI article again. The second portion is clearly Mandel's and I didn't need to graduate from Michigan to see that.

  2. Yeah, tongue firmly in cheek there.

  3. "I'm about 99.99% sure it's fake..."