Initial Reactions, Post-Game Video

I am still working on/coming up with something more definitive to say about yesterday's game against tOSU. But until then...initial reactions:

• Rich Rodriguez did not throw 4 interceptions or fumble the ball in endzone. Tate Forcier did. Anyone who thinks Rodriguez should be fired is wrong. We had a gameplan to win this game. Rodriguez/Magee had a plan to move the ball against tOSU's defense...and it worked. We just made too many mistakes.

• The defense looked outstanding (first time I've said that this year). If you would have told me last week that we'd only give up 14 points and 67 yards passing to tOSU I would have punched you right in the face. Great job by Greg Robinson and the defense for stepping up and giving our offense a chance to win the game.

• It was pretty depressing to see the amount of red in the stadium yesterday. I am ashamed of all of the Michigan season ticket holders who decided to sell their tickets to tOSU fans. It was almost if they tried to see how many tOSU people they could get into the game. If I'm a season ticket holder, I'd much rather GIVE my tickets to a couple Michigan fans than get a dime from a buckeye.

• Early in the 4th quarter, the O-H-I-O chant rang through the stadium as if we were sitting in Columbus. It was amazing. Easily the most embarrassing moment I have ever experienced as a Michigan fan (and lately, that's saying something). At the time it happened it really didn't hit me because I was so into the game. But it did hit me on the car ride home as we passed a million tOSU fans playing their fight song on their car radios in the Pioneer parking lot.

Like I said, a more comprehensive post will be forthcoming...I just need some time to recover from our 6th loss in a row to those snaggletooth rednecks. So in the meantime, here's some videos posted by Dave Birkett of from the post-game presser.

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