Minor Healthy? tOSU to Wear Old Unis at Michigan

• According to reports, Brandon Minor is about as healthy as he's been all season. We've been told for the last two weeks now that Minor's high ankle sprain is getting better and that he should be close to 100%. But last week, he came in for one play and fumbled the ball after getting stuffed at the goal-line by the mighty Illinois defense.

• That special school from Columbus is going to be a little more special in 3 weeks when they come up to the Big House. Apparently, Nike has developed some super awesome uniform that are said to be "cutting edge". The official statement from tOSU AD Gene Smith:
"During spring, 2009, Ohio State was invited by Nike to participate in its Rivalry uniform program with several other universities from around the nation. They offered us a chance to try a new uniform product featuring cutting-edge fabrics and technology; participation in the program also offered us a one-time opportunity to salute one of those great championship teams that have built the Ohio State football tradition"
The unis will honor the 1954 national championship team. What exactly that means, or how they will look is still not clear. My bet is that their silver sparkling helmets will still not match their bland gray pants. But I'm sure they'll look damn special. Maybe the tOSU band should wear the 1954 Salvation Army style uniforms...oh wait...

• Also, Michigan linebacker Kevin Leach will start again this week over the more seasoned veteran Obi Ezeh.
“The worst thing you can do if you’re not feeling that you’re getting the playing time you want or playing as well as you’d like is to go in the tank,” Rodriguez said. “We want guys that’ll fight back. We’re in a situation now where we’ve got to fight back from adversity. We’ve kind of been there before and we don’t want to be in that situation, but it tells the test of a guy’s character, and he’s got a lot of character.”
And in case anyone wants to try and read between the lines here and try and rationalize that Leach is just a smidge faster than Ezeh so he's going to get the bulk of the playing time...is on the right track...but it's much more harsh than that. Obi Ezeh, a junior who has started 29 straight games at middle linebacker, is simply being demoted in favor of a one-time starter.

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  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Maybe the tOSU band should wear the 1954 Salvation Army style uniforms...oh wait...

    Best line I've read ever....