Practice Log-Gate Update - With Video!

Alas, the practice logs have been found!

Link: [mgoblog][Detroit News]

Upon hearing the news that the UM internal audit had found that the football program hadn't turned in their practice logs from the entire 2008 season and off-season, Rich Rodriguez took it upon himself to make things right by "correcting" the issue. Where these logs were, why they were not turned in, or what the circumstances were is a total mystery to me.

Rodriguez got into as much of it as he could in an interview on a Columbus radio talk show.
"The only thing, because the investigation is still under process, the NCAA won't let us comment about it other than the fact that the practice-log process, that thing was corrected as soon as I learned of the issue," Rodriguez told hosts Bruce Hooley and Chris Spielman. "As soon as this whole thing is over, I'll be happy to discuss all the other details."

Rodriguez wasn’t asked and did not specify when he corrected the problem.

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