Charlie Weis has been Fired

We've been on vacation here at MBN, and had fully planned on doing a big post today about all the news that has transpired over the holiday weekend...but just haven't had the time. But once I read this, I knew it had to be posted.

[Note: We had embedded an ESPN video here regarding this news, but it has since been removed.]

So long Charlie.

mgoblog with a take on who will replace him. We personally think two potential coaches are obvious...Brian Kelly from Cincy and Jim Harbaugh from Stanford. Those are two of the hottest up-and-coming coaches in the game right now. Both styles could fit in at ND. Although, I have a hard time seeing Harbaugh in an Irish hat.

Bob Stoops? Eh. Maybe. Only if ND coughs up some serious cash.

It should be interesting. According to reports, ND players are voting whether to go to a bowl or not after a humdrum 6-6 season. Irish AD Jack Swarbrick said he would take into consideration the vote's outcome...which is code for "we're going to a damn bowl whether you like it or not".

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  1. First Char Char-the Hut, now it's time for Rich rod to go:

    Buckeye nation is counting on you, get rid of this jackass.