Forcier In Trouble?

Rumor mill is swirling with news that Tate Forcier got himself into a little bit of trouble yesterday. According to his Facebook page last night, he said that he had a "bad day". And as Brian from mgoblog has pointed out, in the comments from that thread (which has since been deleted), Tate said that he will probably not be starting this weekend.

I really have no clue what, if any, team rules Tate broke or exactly what led to him having such a "bad day" yesterday, but I have a hunch that we'll all be finding out very shortly. My sources are telling me it might have had something to do with him mouthing off at the coaches, but I could be wrong. News of this will be forthcoming. When we hear, we'll update you.


  1. Oh...say it Taint so!!! I'm sure this is just a tiny bump in the road. After their backup QB, ol' whazzis name, fumbles his first snap, Taint will have served his time and be reinstated.

  2. Hey Maize and Blue Nation its not Badger Stadium, its Camp Randall