Why WVU Fans are Awesome!

I'm not going to hide my absolute hatred from all things West Virginia. It's only natural to feel a certain way about a school's fan base which is comprised of gun-toting rednecks who like to use death threats to punish any coach who leaves their program for a better school.

The only two good things to ever come out of your horrible state are Fielding Yost and Rich Rodriguez.

Just when I thought I was done thinking about Mountaineer fans and how retarded they are, some jackass posts this video to YouTube and pulls me right back in!

Via MVictors.com.

Dear future potential WVU head coach: If you come here and even consider leaving to coach at a better school, this is what you'll have to endure.

Good luck WVU...bunch of assholes.


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    What's doubly amusing is that your hatred for all things West Virginia is directed at a state and - by proxy - a school that has given you your two most important men's coaches. How ironic.

    "Hate" those folks all you want (do you truly "hate" them?), but they were good enough to be hired into the U of M.

  2. When it comes to hatred, I don't mess with proxies. My hatred for WVU people is dedicated to the homer's like this fella. Not the coaches who decide to leave, thus treating that school as a stepping-stone (which is what it really is), and not the be-all end-all of college football.

    Sorry for the mix-up.