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I'm not really one to throw everything into a pile and throw it all up on one huge post, but I'll do it anyway this week. Mainly because I just haven't had the time to post all of my thoughts in separate posts. Time has been scarce this week, and to that I must apologize. I aim to get back to my "post a day" routine ASAP.

I'll start off with maybe the most important note of the week. It has been reported that QB Steven Threet will not start this due to a concussion sustained last week at Purdue. Word is he did not practice this week and had lingering headaches.

So that leaves us with Nick Sherridan, who we all know is just not very good. And Justin Feagin, who has yet to sniff the QB position in a real game. At this point, I don't really think it matters who gets the nod. I'd like to see Feagin and what he can do, but it's probably all the same since next year Serridan will basically be a QB coach and Feagin will slide into a slot receiver role...something Michigan needs right now. Either guy will probably have similar but separate struggles.

And that bring me to my short and sweet prediction for this week. Given a healthy Threet, I'd still consider Michigan a underdog in this matchup. But with him out, and how much Michigan has looked downright awful without him, I'm going to comfortably pick Minnesota. They have very talented playmakers on offense, and a defense that can probably at least contain Michigan enough to force us into making stupid mistakes and committing turnovers...something we've had trouble doing so far this year.

Sure, it's tough to watch this team struggle so much. I'd like to think that Rodriguez is trying his best to win each game with the players he's got, but I think it is obvious that he's trying to groom these players into the system he wants to run, and not playing to these player's strengths.

Prime example was last week when Scott Shafer switched the defense from a 4-3 zone, to a 3-3-5 scheme. This defense, at least personnel-wise is not at all set up to run that scheme. Sure, it's a good defense to run, especially since we see so many spread offenses now...but it's tough when you're installing it for the first time. I expect it will look better this week...and hopefully we won't give up another 48 points.

So, as you can see, expectations for the next 3 games are pretty much at an all-time low. But don't confuse that with expectations of seasons to come. While I am down in this year's squad, I have full faith (don't ask me why) that next year will be better and 2010 could be an amazing season.

Okay, so without further adieu, here's my picks for the B10 bloggers pick'em for week 11.

Purdue @ Michigan State, 12:00PM, BTN
This has the markings of a good game, and I do think it will be close. Odds are it will not be ideal football weather (cold and wet), so that could impact Purdue's ability to throw, and could favor Michigan State which has a better ground game. I like Sparty in this one.

Wisconsin @ Indiana, 12:00PM, BTN
Indiana has been my Achilles heel this year. Just when I have enough confidence to pick them over a B10 team, they go out and blow it. They beat a ranked NW team a few weeks ago but other than that they've been just mediocre. Wisconsin has been the epitome of a bust this season, but they should get the win in Bloomington this weekend.

Michigan @ Minnesota, 12:00PM, ESPN
I'm putting my preview of Michigan in with the rest of the B10 because I just don't care enough to dedicate a whole post to it. Is that bad? Okay, Threet is unlikely to play...thus I am taking the Gophers in this one. I'd probably take them anyway...but this just reaffirms my predictions. Michigan has lost 5 straight for the first time since the Jefferson administration...and things show no signs of getting any better. I'll miss the Jug...but it'll be nice to let the Gophers have it one last time before the Rodriguez train gets up to full-speed.

tOSU @ Northwestern, 12:00PM, ESPN2
HA! Two ranked B10 teams get bumped to the deuce for Michigan @ Minnesota! I love it. Take that Buckeye fans! Okay, I digress. tOSU wins easily.

Illinois @ W. Michigan, 12:00PM, ???
Not on TV? WTF Big Ten Network??? Everyone I know will want to tune in to watch this awesome matchup. I mean, whats not interesting about this game? Illinois should win...but we all know what Illinois does when they should win. I'll pick them anyway.

Penn State @ Iowa, 3:30PM, ABC
Okay, all the markings of a trap game. At Iowa in front of a big TV audience. But I doubt the fighting JoPa's will have much trouble with the Hawkeyes. Unless Iowa plays absolutely out of their shoes, which is possible I guess, then Penn State will role. And even if Iowa plays their best game in 4 years, that may still not be enough to slow down this offense.

Well, there you have it. I'll try and post some more stuff later today, but I feel much better knowing I got at least this post out in the AM.

Go Blue!

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