Okay...Now PANIC! McGuffie is Gone.

Panic seems to be the word now that more and more sources are reporting that McGuffie is no longer with the program. mgoblog is citing 4 more sources.

So...what now? Well, panic if you want to, but we still have a game to play this weekend. And as far as this blogger can tell, no one was expecting McGuffie to play anyway. But with Minor, Brown and Shaw all banged up...it's not looking good at RB.

However, is anyone concerned about Chambers? mgoblog is. Why? Because we're razor thin at LB and S. He may have not had a ton of experience, or any great success in those rolls, but losing a scholarship athlete is never a good thing.

Oh, and FWIW...Criswell, Savoy and Butler are all put on watch. Criswell and Savoy may not be invited back, and it seems Butler's move to another thin position, DE, could be his saving grace as we need bodies in that position right now.

So, nothing but good news coming out of Schembechler Hall. More news at 11.

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