BTB Weekly Pick'Em: Week 13

While we scored an impressive 12 points last week in the Big Ten Bloggers weekly pick'em league, we could've had 15 if Michigan didn't get screwed out of Donovan Warren's pick 6 in the 3rd quarter.

However, its the final week of the regular season, so we must be on our A-game. This week's pics are:

Indiana @ Purdue, 12:00 PM, ESPN2
Finally! The last game of Joe Tiller's career. And I pick him to win it. He will be at home, his team will be playing with passion. And best of all, they're playing Indiana.

Michigan State @ Penn State, 3:30 PM, ABC
The Big Ten comes down to this. We finally get a conference championship (type) game. I predicted in the pre-season this game would decide the conference title. I think this will be a great game. It will be low scoring, it will be brutally tough. But it should be close. And I like Penn State.

Cal Poly @ Wisconsin, 3:30 PM, BTN
Hmm. Don't know a damn thing about Cal Poly, other than that's where Tom Cruise got a scholarship to play and where Craig T. Nelson was hired to coach in the movie All The Right Moves in 1983. And for that reason alone, I'm picking Wisconsin to win...and win huge.

Illinois @ Northwestern, 3:30 PM, BTN
Maybe one of more interesting matchups that no one really cares about. This could be a very good game. But, no one will be watching. I'll take NW in a coin flip.

Iowa @ Minnesota, 7:00 PM, BTN
I hate Iowa. I think Minnesota will win. That is all.

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