Oh How I Hate Ohio State

Throw away record books.

Toss out those previous 11 meaningless games.

Forget wins and losses.

Who cares about stats.

It's Ohio State week. And we have some hatin' to do!

Forgive me, but I had to delve into the MBN archives to dig out some of these gems. The Buckstache is obviously a homage paid to the late great MZone, one of the best Michigan blogs ever. They perfected the buckstache, and used it liberally during previous tOSU weeks. It is my duty to continue it's usage however possible.

A couple things I also posted back in the day were some particular YouTube videos of note that I thought were very inspirational. So without further adieu, my YouTube marathon...

Enjoy! And Go Blue!

And the greatest hate-flash ever caught on tape...

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