McGuffie Back, Will Play

Via The Detroit News, and found on MSC.

It appears Freshman RB Sam McGuffie is back from Texas. He practiced with the team yesterday, and will attend classes this morning before getting on the bus headed for Columbus.

This comes after much speculation, by yours truly, that McGuffie was set to transfer to another school. Certainly there is a much larger story here, and much of it we don't know about. As of Tuesday, Michigan blogger mgoblog, who is usually correct about presumptions such as this, was certain a McGuffie transfer was in the works. And who knows, it still may be. But for now, he will be in uniform, and most likely on the field Saturday.

Michigan assistant head coach Tony Gibson:
He had a great practice, Sam's doing fine, and he's ready to go to Ohio State.

I don't know where the rumors start, who starts it, and why they start. He's back and doing well. He'll be in classes in the morning (Friday) and on the bus heading down to Columbus.


  1. this is great news for buckeye fans big and small!

    thanks for coming back sam! (*smiles for miles*)

  2. Rich Rod is my hero.....

    GO BUCKS!!!!!