McGuffie to Transfer?!

Bad news travels fast.

Bo Schemblogger is reporting that there are rumors floating around campus that RB Sam McGuffie might transfer. Citing the reason that he feels he is too small for the Big Ten, and would flourish somewhere else such as Grand Valley State, which is in a smaller conference.

Um, please allow me to throw up now.

McGuffie, along with Minor have been two of the very bright spots for this team so far this year. Of course you're going to get your bell rung from time to time. Sam has every ability to flourish in the Big Ten. He's small for a typical Big Ten RB, but so was Mike did that turn out?

Okay, sure, but transfer to a lesser division? No way. He's a game-breaker. Let Barwis get his hands on him this off-season and he'll be a beast by next year.

More on this to come as more sources come to light.

Update: Spelling error. "citing", not "siting". Also, this story seems pretty much unsubstantiated on the web so far. I have no idea where Bo Schemblogger got this story...perhaps via a message board. Either way, it seems fairly odd that he would transfer to a Div. II program...but Boren transferred to tOSU earlier this year, so who knows.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    GVSU is a D-II powerhouse. If his concern is he isn't big enough to play D-IA football, then GVSU isn't a bad choice. Decent school, good team, smaller guys trying to knock you out.

    But I don't buy it either. I can see a case for going to GVSU, but if a kid from Texas was going to transfer, I would think it would be somewhere closer to home.

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I tried Body by Barwis and it worked for me! I was a 90 pound weakling, but after finishing the Body by Barwis plan, I could play halfback for an NCAA BCS conference team!

  3. Anonymous9:57 PM


  4. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I think its gotta be legit to a certain extent. Thank God scUM isnt going to a bowl game, otherwise he would have his 4th concussion, and would likely crush his skull halfway through his second year.

  5. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Hasn't Barwis already had his hands on him?

  6. Well, it looks like I was right and my info was correct. I received info from a player so I knew Sam was very unhappy. The GV ST thing was considered me.

    Bo Schemblogger