BTB Weekly Pick'Em: Week 12

I don't know how I fare in the standings of the Big Ten Bloggers weekly pick'em league. But I'd guess I'm somewhere in the middle of the pack. Either way, pretty much no shot of me winning. But that won't stop me from my weekly preview.

Indiana @ Penn State, 12:00 PM, BTN
Not a sexy game for Penn State, nor will it be a commanding victory, no matter how much they win by. They will win of course. And that's about all that matters for them right now. Wake me up next week when they play Sparty.

tOSU @ Illinois, 12:oo PM, ESPN
Interesting game here. I'm going to take tOSU here, but all I can visualize is Juice Williams having his way with the tOSU defense like he did last year along with former teammate Rashard Mendenhal. This game is a potential trap game for tOSU, as they could be looking past Illinois (again) to their showdown with Michigan next week.

Northwestern @ Michigan, 12:00 PM, ESPN2
I will try and get more of a full-fledged preview up about this game in the next two days, but for now, this will suffice. I can say that I really think Michigan can and should win this game. If they play like last week, and can get the crowd into the game early...NW might not be able to get anything going. Just as long as Michigan focuses on the basics and tries to do the little things right...we should be fine.

Purdue @ Iowa, 12:00 PM, BTN
Another "who cares" B10 game. I'll take Iowa because they beat Penn State. That is all.

Minnesota @ Wisconsin, 3:30 PM, ABC
Ahh, rivalries. The backbone of college football. This game gets B10 top billing this week in the afternoon slot on ABC. Congrats you two. Now do something with it and give us a good game to watch! I'll take Wisconsin in a shootout.

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  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    You're joking, right? OSU "looking past Illinois" to the Michigan game? Even if Illinois somehow manages to win that game, it damn sure won't be because OSU is anxious about Michigan.