Michigan - tOSU Statistical Breakdown

All of this McGuffie talk has got to end somewhere. And here it is. We all know he's not going to be on the sidelines this weekend no matter what his future is with the program. He had a family member pass away, and family comes first. If he decides to leave or stay after the season, that is his business. We'll surely keep you informed of what we hear, but for now, it's water under the bridge.

We have a game to play this weekend, and it just happens to be The Game. Everything that Michigan can hang their hat on, so to speak, for the long impending off-season, rests on this game.

Let's just rip the bandage off right away and look at a statistical breakdown of where Michigan and tOSU rank in the Ben Ten. All these stats are game averages of course.

As you can see, tOSU is going to be a heavy favorite. How heavy? How about 21 points? No, seriously. But as we all know, record books and statistics are nice, but rarely do they have an impact in this game. This game is all about emotion. Who wants it more?

More to come soon, including a breakdown of this weeks Big Ten games, and some great YouTube fun to get you pumped for this weekend.

Go Blue.

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