Keep Hope Alive

EDSBS is now officially in my good graces, for no other reason than their post from today that reads the following...
...we had a dream last night, and it did not involve Nigella Lawson covered in Nutella. No, in this dream, Michigan actually beat Ohio State on Saturday.

This won’t happen, as our dreams have an atrocious record at predicting the future. (Still waiting on the hang gliders for dogs we saw in a dream a few years ago, and we haven’t been crushed in an elevator accident…yet.) Remember, though: someone’s getting their head kicked in on Saturday. It’s probably you, but sometimes, people are wrong about those foot-to-head roles.

Keep! Hope! Alive!

Holy Hell, there is actually someone out there who's kind of, half-heartily, in a back-handed compliment sort of way supporting Michigan. Also in their post was a YouTube video...which got me to thinking.

tOSU fans have not seemed this certain about the outcome of a football game since...

This game, of course is not a BCS championship game. Far from it. But it is Michigan's last game of the season. It is our bowl game.

Look, I'm not going into this game thinking we will win. I am curious about how it might feel should we pull off an upset as a 21 point underdog. Crazier things have occurred. But what it really boils down to is giving this program, and it's fans, something to cling to for the off season.

But deep down, even within the blackest of black Buckeye hearts, they know this game is scary. Sure, they may put up the typical confident front, but don't be fooled. The day tOSU fans stop fearing Michigan, is the day Michigan stops playing football.

Almost every Buckeye blog is writing this game off as a win. I'm not counting on it...but how great will it be to rub a huge upset in their faces?

44 hours and counting.

Beat the Bucks! Beat the Bucks! Beat the Bucks!

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