Mid-Week Update

We're updating the depth-chart to reveal that QB Steven Threet is highly questionable this week against NW. Also not practicing this week is RB Brandon Minor who was hurt last week.

We're assuming Sheridan will again get the starting nod. While he did play well last week in a 72 degree dome with no wind, that's not to say he might not back up that performance in what can only be considered less than desirable conditions this week in the Big House.

Forecasts are rain, snow, sleet, wind, and maybe even a whispering of plague.

RBs Sam McGuffie and Michael Shaw will see the bulk of the carries this weekend. And, more interestingly, QB Justin Feagin...who showed that he could at least run with the ball last week, should see some more playing time. Possibly with a similar two QB system that we ran last week.

Other than that, we're relatively healthy.

Also, just as we suspected, mgoblog has released his weekly recruiting post. Nothing too drastic to add here. But we brought it up yesterday so I thought I'd link to it.

We didn't have the link to Rodriguez's weekly presser yesterday, so today we'll one-up it and post the video right here. Good things.

And, for all of those interested, Michigan basketball will grace the airwaves on ESPNU tonight at 8PM. UM will host Northeastern tonight at Crisler. Head on over to prolific Michigan hoops blogger UMHoops.com for the full scoop.

And finally, the word on the street is that ABC/ESPN (Disney) is making a strong bid for all of the BCS bowl games to appear on their network. If you recall, Fox (News Corp) currently has the contract with the BCS (except for the Rose Bowl), so this could be a billionaire mogul fight to the death. Rupert Murdoch vs. Robert Iger. Ding Ding!

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