Michigan Basketball Beats UCLA 55-52

The Michigan basketball team got a huge win last night when they knocked off the #4 ranked UCLA Bruins 55-52. No matter how it happened, or whether or not UCLA was overrated, it doesn't matter. This has to be the biggest win for Michigan in years.

But there is no time to celebrate. Michigan gets Duke tonight in the 2K Sports Classic Championship game tonight at 7PM. Duke is also scheduled to come to A2 on Dec. 6. So we'll see them again in a couple weeks.

Either way, it's a great win and big congrats to Beilein and the boys. I don't make it a routine to cover other sports on here, but a win like this is noteworthy. To check out what other blogs, much more invested in basketball, have to say...check out here, here and here.

And, Michigan Sports Center has a video of the final minute of regulation.

Go Blue!

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