I Have No Excuse...

...I was out of line. There must be something in the Michigan blogging water, so to speak. Michigan bloggers, at least a few of us have come to the realization that this season has been awful, and blogging about it has sucked. But, my tirade yesterday was very off the cuff and unpremeditated. I just had a moment where I felt very strongly about how this season has gone, and how it has affected me.

There is something to be said about having just everything you know taken away from you. It sucks so bad having to deal with this transition. This season has gone a long way in testing the fortitude of even the most die hard fans. Never has my devotion to this team come into question, but this season has really made me take a step back and realize how much it matters to me. The Michigan fan base is vast. Many have written this year off as a transitional year. Which is fine, they'll come back. And when they do, Michigan fans can go back to having the arrogant stereotype put back on us that we spent so many years perfecting.

I laughed so hard at Notre Dame last year when they went 3-9, as did many other Michigan fans. And now, everyone is laughing at us. Maybe it just goes to show that carma is a bitch. While I don't think the college football Gods have it out for us, there is something to be said for bad gugu. I really didn't see Michigan going 3-9...ever. But fate has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

But, as much as I would like it to be, I am not the story.

This Michigan team is finding itself. It's a longer road than most of us thought it would be, and it's a road lined with brutal truths.

Instead of getting pissed off, like I did yesterday, instead today we are going to get back up and put one foot in front of the other. There is no time for that behavior this week. There is work to do. We are Michigan. We are the proudest and most successful college football team in the country.

This game against tOSU is Michigan's season. There is no comfy January bowl game, or even a "Capital One Bowl Week on ESPN" December bowl game. There is nothing. For the first time in 33 years, Ohio State marks the end of the road.

For some Michigan fans, its been a road that we all knew had to be taken. We knew the shadow of Schembechler needed to be put to rest. Bo is very much, and will always be a integral part of the what it means to coach and play for the University of Michigan. His legacy will live on forever. But change was needed. Even if the change means going 3-9 this year and having to live through a long and brutal off-season. But better things are in-store for our beloved Maize & Blue. And who knows, we just might get to see some of that bright future this weekend.

Also, if I happen to have spoken out of line about Sam McGuffie's reasoning for not playing last week against Northwestern, I sincerely apologize for that. I was not aware he had suffered a loss in his family. Here's to getting him back, however we can, as soon as possible.

Go Blue.

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