Sideline Brawl

Well, I remember only bits of this year's game against tOSU. I've tried as hard as I can to block most of it from my memory. But one part that stands out is the scuffle that ensued in the first quarter on the Michigan sideline.

Let me set the scene. It is stil 0-0, 1st quarter. Michigan had already intercepted Pryor, but missed the subsequent field goal try. As Michigan went on defense, there was confusion as to who should be on the field.

Michigan calls a timeout to figure it out. As the team trots over to the sideline, there is a visible altercation between S Charles Stewart and what looks to be a Michigan coach.

As it turns out, and aside from what the ABC commentators (see: ass clowns) were telling you, it is not a Michigan coach, per se. The man who was grabbing the facemask of Stewart and pushing him was some low-level strength and conditioning coach, who for some reason needed to be on the sideline. He was in a Michigan coaching Adidas jacket, and had a visible sideline pass, so I can see the assumption that it was a coach of some sort.

I could go into great amazing detail on this, but someone has already done that for me. Not only does Spawn of MZone give a detailed description of the event, but they back it up with audio/visual representation. Have a look see.

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