Tuesday Link-a-Thon

We're just 4 days away from the final home game of the year against the Wildcats of Northwestern. And, I think more importantly, 10 days away from a visit to our favorite B10 foe, the Buckeye's of tOSU. With all that's going on in the world of Michigan football, here's the best of what's out there today.

Michigan Sports Center always impresses us with their rundown of news, a little something they call "Quick Hits"...either way, it's always a good source of info.

This week's game will air on ESPN2 at noon. And for those looking ahead to next week, that game will also air at noon, and will be nationally televised (I assume) on ABC. However, following our embarrassment of tOSU, Penn State will host Sparty at Beaver Stadium at 3:30.

Michigan place kicker K.C. Lopata was named the Big Ten special teams player of the week. His 5 field goals against Minnesota were enough to award him this prestigious honor.

Prolific Michigan football YouTube superstar Wolverine Historian has already posted the video of highlights against Minnesota last week. This guy does a great job, and us Michigan bloggers are all better off for having this guy out there.

Speaking of video, Varsity Blue posted one that clearly shows Obi Ezeh recovered the fumble last week against 'Sota that was eventually ruled to be recovered by a Gopher. Bad call by the refs, one which I'm sure the B10 had a closer look at.

Varsity Blue posted a recruiting update with very little new information about the Maize & Blue. Expect mgoblog to post one within a couple days detailing pretty much the same.

Dave from MnB was live in Austin last weekend for the Texas-Baylor game. As a Michigan fan who married into a Texas family, I fully hope to one day make my way down to Austin for a game. However, Longhorn fans didn't get the memo that this game was at home. Sure, the kickoff was at 11AM local time, and you're playing the Big 12 equivalent of Indiana, but that's no excuse to not fill your stadium. You're a top 5 team for crying out loud. Michigan could kickoff at 8AM and 110,000 people would cram into the Big House. We'd all be drunk from bloody marys and mimosas...but we'd be there!

We have the pleasure of hosting the Big Ten Blogger's Roundtable this week. Folks from all other Big Ten blogs are posting their answers on their sites all this week. We will have a roundtable roundup post up and ready hopefully by Thursday afternoon or Friday morning depending on how many posts are up by then.

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  1. Dave didn't make it to Austin. That's a fan-post. I made the trip out there, and yes, this makes me even more formerly anonymous.