Tuesday Link-a-Thon

• Spring game is Saturday @ noon. Current forecast is 51 degrees and mostly sunny. I only say that because today's forecast was 38 and snow. I like winter and all, but only when it takes place during designated winter months. Last year's high (for April 11th, according to AccuWeather) was 72 degrees, ftw.

• Ann Arbor sports/talk radio 1050 WTKA will hold a live broadcast from practice this Thursday from 3-6 PM. They will also be broadcasting the spring game live. Coverage will start at 10AM and will feature not only the spring game, but the football alumni flag-football game as well.

• Incoming freshman QB Denard Robinson ran a little faster this week than he did last week. Apparently, he did 100 yards in 10.28 seconds. For the record, I can't do anything in 10.28 seconds.

• Fellow Michigan blogger Maize n Brew Dave took a good long look at the realities of the mainstream media (print) and their struggles in this harsh economic climate, and what it all means for he and rest of us bloggers. My $0.02 is that he's pretty much right on with his assessment. While the lack of mainstream media hurts us in the short-term, it might provide an opportunity for bloggers to gain valuable access down the road. It's a good read, and you can find it here.

• Fellow Michigan blogger Brian @ mgoblog is crossing enemy lines. He will be writing a weekly feature for the tOSU blog/website/web-thingy BuckNuts. Aside from the obvious issue of having to write at a 3rd grade level for tOSU fans to understand what he's saying, we here at MBN will be eagerly awaiting each week's post...and the flaming that will ensue in the comment section. Best of luck Brian. Godspeed.

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