Michigan Will Play At Night This Season

Unfortunately, it will be in Iowa City against the Hawkeyes on October 10th.

But news is looking good for those Michigan faithful whom want more than anything at least one night game a year at the Big House. Just found on the Freep website, Bill Martin was quoted as saying that the new construction at the stadium is going to be wired for lights...either temporary or permanent.
U-M athletic director Bill Martin said the construction project has wired the stadium ground for lights, either temporary ones at the TV networks' request, or for permanent fixtures. No decision has been made on permanent lights yet.
All I can say is, at least the conversation is gaining ground. Baby steps. It's pretty obvious that Martin and/or Rodriguez knows that this is what the fans want. And Varsity Blue thinks it will probably happen after the renovations are complete in 2010.

In other news, Tate Focier's brother...former Michigan backup QB Jason, who is completing his undergrad at Stanford after transferring there a couple years ago, is coming back to Ann Arbor. He will be pursuing a graduate degree in sports management.

In the spring game, LB Ryan Van Bergen left midway through the scrimmage on a cart. He suffered a knee injury. It might require minor surgury, but he should be 100% by summer.

According to the athletic department, the first patron for the locker room tour on Saturday showed up in line at 3:30AM. The tour started at 8AM.

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