Ticket Sales Down

According to a story in the Freep by Mark Snyder, ticket sales are expected to be lower this year because of the economy...and a 3-9 record in 2008 didn't help much either.
Michigan's season-ticket renewal applications went out last week -- by e-mail and snail mail. And with a renewal deadline of May 8, the athletic department should have a decent view of its numbers by the middle of the month.

The early barometer comes from student renewals, which are a bit down from recent years. Their deadline passed last week. There might be a boost with new student applications in the summer, but that interest level is still difficult to gauge.

Associate athletic director for ticketing Marty Bodnar said he's expecting the economy to take a toll on renewals, which are "down a little bit, not a lot." He said the typical 2-3% nonrenewal rate could settle more in the 5-6% range this year.

Finding people to fill those seats won't be a problem, though, given the brand and hunger that has built over years. Bodnar said the waiting list is about 10,000.
With games like Notre Dame, Penn State and tOSU on the schedule though, it should not be an issue finding people to dish out the $400 price tag for a seat...plus the madatory "donation" that you must first make to the athletic department to just get your name on the waiting list.

In other news...

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