Threet Transfers to Arizona State

Link to ESPN article.

Sometimes its hard to tell when things are really as bad as some people say they are. Its like the old saying not seeing the forest through the trees.

When Steven Threet announced he was going to transfer earlier this year, it almost seemed like I already knew he would. I don't fault him in any way for wanting to go elsewhere. I actually wish him luck in Arizona. But for some reason, this quote bothers me in so many ways...
"When Coach [Lloyd] Carr retired I wanted to transfer," Threet said. "But I took Coach [Rich] Rodriguez at his word about the offense. I tried to stick it out. I tried to help Michigan win. But in the end the offense didn't fit me. They have a run first offense at every position. What they want is Pat White and that's not me."
I have to remind myself that these are just kids playing a game. And in no way should we get all wrapped up in whats going on inside these kids heads. I try not to. But this quote says to me that Threet's heart was just not in it. He might have been ready and willing to do what it takes in early September, but by the midway point of the season, he just wasn't interested anymore.

If I'm a fellow player who busted my ass everyday, this quote pisses me off.

Rich Rodriguez, the father of the spread-option, wants a Pat White style QB? REALLY? You've got to be kidding me!?

When Lloyd retired, Threet probably did want to transfer...but he stayed. And not because he took Rodriguez's "word" about the offense, but because he knew he would have first dibs at the starting gig. I can tell you this: If Pryor picks Michigan last year, Threet is long gone before spring ball last season. But when Pryor picked tOSU, he saw the opportunity to get the starting role. I think it may be more of Rodriguez taking Threet at his word than vice-versa.

He shared starting duties with Sherridan, but saw plenty of playing time. Threet was a very highly touted QB coming out of high school. But he couldn't beat out walk-on Nick Sherridan for the starting job. All due respect to Sherridan...but come on. That alone tells me that either A) He just really didn't get the whole spread-option offense thing, or B) His head was just not in it from the get-go.

Either way, I think Michigan is much better off without Threet on the roster.

Charlie over at Nittany White Out weighs in on the topic...
Just seems like Michigan has been turned into a Nick Saban - win at all costs type of program. Maybe that Boren story about eroding family values isn’t too far from the truth afterall.
First of all, Justin Boren is mama's boy who didn't like to be challenged by a coaching staff. I'll fault the guy that turned his back on Michigan by transferring to tOSU (without a scholarship) before I fault an entire proven coaching staff for "eroding" family values. Last time I checked, all they have in West Virginia are family values...maybe too much.

Secondly, I'm sure Penn State is not at all interested in winning at all costs.

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