The Catch

Inspired by Penn State blogger "Black Shoe Diaries" depiction of what should be considered "The Fumble"...we here at MBN have decided to hold a little poll of our own...

For your consideration...which of these amazing receptions would you consider Michigan's "The Catch"?

1979 - Anthony Carter

1991 - Desmond Howard

1995 - Mercury Hayes
The "catch" in question is at the 3:40 mark in this video

1997 - Charles Woodson

2005 - Mario Manningham

No question, all were amazing, game winning receptions, and one momentum killing INT. And I wanted to throw in one from Braylon Edward's highlight reel game, also known as the 2004 Michigan State comeback...but those were multiple catches, all of which were amazing...but we need just one. Only one and be labeled as "The Catch". Which one will it be?

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