Draft Thoughts

Two Michigan Wolverines were drafted in the 2009 NFL draft.


The fewest since 1994.

Terrence Taylor to the Indianapolis Colts as the 136th pick, and Morgan Trent to the Cincinnati Bengals as the 179th pick overall.

Michigan had 15 seniors (either true seniors or 5th year) on the roster in 2008. Granted, 7 of them signed free-agent deals the day after, but still. TE Carson Butler to the Green Bay Packers. CB Doug Dutch to the Washington Redskins. Long-snapper Sean Griffin to the Seattle Seahawks. DB Brandon Harrison to the Indianapolis Colts. DT Will Johnson to the Baltimore Ravens. DT Tim Jamison to the Houston Texans. And Mike Massey to the Cleveland Browns.

I'm not going to say that this is a travesty or something that a sign of the Michigan football apocolypse. I think we all knew it would be a rather light year for the Wolverines in the draft. But it does say something about how Michigan is viewed by NFL teams. Sure, every powerhouse school has an off-draft...but what is this going to feel like next year?

I can see probably P Zoltan Mesko, RB Brandon Minor, DE Brandon Graham and maybe WR Greg Mathews making some noise in the 2010 draft. But that's really about it. And I doubt any of them will go first round. Unless for some reason Carlos Brown has a rediculous season and Stevie Brown goes balistic in the defensive backfield...maybe they will get a harder look by NFL teams in the draft...but only if they play out of their shoes this year. If not, free-agency is the likely course for them as well as maybe 3 or 4 other guys in 2010.

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