Adventures in Basketball Land

A nice 3-day weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, on the 3rd snowed. And not one of those haha April 1-inch snowfalls that melts in 1 day, it was a 4-inch wet snow that can do damage to trees and power lines kind of snow storms. But it was still nice to have the long weekend.

So...what happened in the state of Michigan last weekend? Anything? Was there some sort of basketball competition going on in Detroit?

For all of the hype that was created from MSU's run to the championship, even this blogger must admit that he drank the "The state of Michigan's hopes and dreams ride on the shoulders of Sparta" kool-aide that was being dolled out in big old pitchers by the local and sports media.

First of all, college basketball...while fun and exciting...does not compare even a little to the weight and influence that college football has in this state. But being that it's April and it's snowing...I guess we'll cling to anything we can get right now. And right now, we clung to MSU and their run for a title.

And I'm okay with that. I can cast aside my gripes and grievances with Sparty to pull for a big win against a school like North Carolina. As much as I don't think a win would have made a lick of difference right now to offset the anguish of thousands of people who have suffered a job loss or monumental life-changing setback due to the awful economy in this state...a big win would still have been nice anyway. But as it turned out, someone forgot to tell Izzo and Sparty that they actually had to play a basketball game last night.

What I saw was nothing short of one of the most lopsided losses ever on one of the biggest stages ever. MSU had no answer for anything the Heels did. Most of the time, they just looked like they were trying way too hard to be a better team than they really were. I'm no basketball expert, but what I saw last night was boys versus men.

But least they made it that far. And they did win some big games to get there. So it's not for nothing. Sparty fans should be proud. Hell, they were good enough to get me (and many other Wolverine fans) to cheer for them...and that's actually pretty impressive.

So maybe now the bandwagon gets a little smaller for the folks in East Lansing. And hopefully it will get a little bigger in Ann Arbor. Let's not forget what Beilein was able to do in just his 2nd year on campus. Good things are happening in the world of Michigan basketball. So come on back to the good-guys side Michigan fans. No more of this "cheering for Sparty" nonsense.

Oh...and by the way...4 days and 2 hours until the spring game!

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