Friday Link-A-Thon

There is no "real" news out there to report right now. Sure, we could dive into rumors and speculation...but we're still 4 months away from football being played, and it's Friday and I'm not motivated at what's the point? So enjoy our Friday link dump.

We really do have some stuff in the works for upcoming posts...but nothing that is worthy of posting just yet.

Greg Paulus is going to end up at Syracuse
Fine with me. Anywhere is better than playing for us.
Bacon weighs in on the fall of print media
Seems to be the topic of the month
VB looks ahead to this weekend's NFL Draft
...and how our Michigan men will fare
• BTN catches up with LaMarr Woodley, Steve Breaston, Larry Foote & Mike Hart
This was from the spring game, but we're just posting it now
Spring games this weekend
Illinois, MSU, Minnesota, tOSU & Penn State

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