QB Auditions

Apparently, anyone who is interested in playing QB at Michigan is throwing their name into Rodriguez's hat.

We mentioned yesterday that Tate Focier's older brother Jason...who was a former Michigan backup QB a couple years back, is interested in going to grad school of UofM and wants to use up his remaining year of eligibility while he's at it.

I seriously doubt that Jason wants to actually contest his younger bro for the starting gig. I see this more as an act of older brother just wanting to be on-board to help mentor and coach his younger sibling. At least that's my take on it. Either way, two Forcier's on the roster would be kinda cool...not to mention nice to have another QB in the barn.

But this news has me dumbfounded.

Former high-school QB recruit, turned ex-Duke basketball point guard Greg Paulus wants to be the QB at Michigan too. Maybe. It could just be one huge April-fools joke that just didn't get retracted.

Aparently, Paulus was at Michigan's final spring practice this Tuesday and chatted with Rodriguez about the prospect of playing QB this/next year. He's more or less just gauging various interest.

I have no idea what kind of chops this kid has...I mean I know he can play basketball...and he was a pretty highly rated QB coming out of HS (Gatorade national football player of the year as a high school senior quarterback in 2004). But he hasn't seen a football field in 4 years. And...what kind of eligibility is he going to have if he comes to Michigan?

And to make this story even that much crazier, he was reported to have worked out with the Green Bay Packers last week.

So after thinking that the stable of Michigan's QBs was going to look pretty sparse after Threet left...it now could be looking something like this for 2009...

• Tate Forcier
• Denard Robinson
• Nick Sheridan
• David Cone
• Jack Kennedy
• Jason Forcier?
• Greg Paulus???????

Hallelujah...where's the tylenol?

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