Michigan Football News and How You Get It

I really want to get away from the news/link-dump style posts and get more into honest to goodness opinion and commentary. But little pesky news stories keep popping up and I feel compelled to just throw them all into one big ole' post.

So, let's start with maybe the most lame and downright stupid story of all, and that is Greg Paulus. It seems that Greg is racking up some precious air miles this month gallivanting around the country looking for a football team to play for. First it was off to Green Bay to talk to the Packers. Then it was to Ann Arbor to see if Michigan had any interest (which we all found out, did not). Then it was off to Syracuse to discuss options with them. And now it is reported that Paulus is in talks with Nebraska of all places to line up under center for one meaningless season.

All I can say is, thank God Michigan passed on him. One year is nothing. Who cares?

Rumors circulated a couple days ago that Michigan was in talks with UMass for the potential home opener in 2010, which would be the dedication game for the newly renovated Big House. Now, it seems that those talks are definitely happening, but just not for the 2010 opener. DetNews story.
"That's not true -- not even close," Draper said. "We're talking to them, (but) not for that date."

Michigan, he said, intends to make the season opener the "dedication" game for the stadium, which is currently under construction, adding suites and a new press box.

"We're trying to do something special," said Draper, who indicated Michigan is talking to a "couple teams" for that day. 
Something "special"? Hmm. I like that someone is acknowledging that this game is going to be noteworthy, I just hope its "special" enough to warrant a BCS-conference foe.

The Draper in question is Scott Draper, Assistant Athletic Director for Football.

For some strange reason, former Michigan LB and current Pittsburgh Steeler Larry Foote wants to play for Detroit. It seems that he's not happy with his situation in the Steel City, and wants out. Foote was born and raised in the D, so maybe that has something to do with it. If I'm a Lion's coach or front-office manager, I'm jumping for joy right now.

This happened a couple days ago and I was going to comment on it sooner but didn't get around to it until now. It seems the death of the Ann Arbor News is rippling through not only other news sites, but through the blogosphere as well.

Greg over at MVictors took some time to weigh in on the topic and what it means not only for him, but for the good folks of Ann Arbor who rely on The News for their sports coverage. Not only some good insight there, but also some embedded audio from his appearance on John U. Bacon's Big Show on WTKA, along with Jim Carty and Brian from mgoblog. They discussed a number of interesting topics, but mainly the downfall of The News and the rise of blogs (like this one!), as supplemental news outlets for the more "official" sources.

I don't feel like I have much to say on this topic...and if I did, I would dedicate a whole post to it, and not bury it in the weekly link-dump. But I will say that I started this blog because I wanted to be able to express my opinions and add commentary to stories that I found interesting. I did this probably for about 6 months when I knew damn well that NO ONE was reading this site. But I enjoyed it anyway. And as I started to post more and link to other blogs/news sites...people started to find me and read my site.

I still only get a small fraction of the hits that mgoblog or MVictors may get daily, and I also get a small amount of revenue from the banners you see on this page...and by small I mean I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon. And I can live with that. I'm not trying to compete with news sites.

For me the most satisfying thing is just being able to write something and have people read it and look at a side of the story that maybe they haven't considered. Let's face it, its so easy to get news about Michigan football these days. Every news source has a web presence. Coaches have Twitter and Facebook accounts. Michigan football is huge...finding knowledgeable and useful information is very easy. All I do is package it a little differently and charge less for shipping.

Hopefully you all enjoy reading this. And I encourage you to check out some of the links to the far right. There are so many good bloggers who post daily for not just Michigan blogs, but blogs from every Big Ten school. These are mostly guys who have day jobs who do this for little to no compensation...just the joy of writing and creating some fanfare.

And make sure you tell them MBN sent you!

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