Paulus-Gate...What We Know So Far

First of all, as of this post, all we know for sure is...

• Greg Paulus visited Michigan on Tuesday for the final spring practice (yes, the final practice took place after the spring game).

• Paulus graduates from Duke next month and he wants to enroll at Michigan for graduate school.  He met with coaches, they talked about his prospects as a competitor for Michigan's QB spot. He has 1 year of collegiate eligibility left, after using 4 years playing basketball at Duke.

Local news wires started getting wind of the Fox Sports story, and mass confusion set in.

• Paulus had a conference call with reporters this morning and announced that he had received a scholarship offer from Rodriguez to play football next season. He also called into the Dan Patrick radio show to discuss his side of the story.

• Incoming freshman QB Tate Forcier was quoted as saying that he was told by his coaches this morning that Paulus has not received any such offer.

And thats about it so far.

This whole story has gone from funny...and back to ludacris in the matter of about 24 hours. Someone needs to step up and get the facts straight (we're looking at you coach Rodriguez).

Meanwhile, no one is stopping major sports media outlets from running with this news...

Much more on this as it develops. At this rate, it will probably get uglier before it gets better.

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