Tuesday Link-a-Thon

It's not that I'm lazy, but I just thought there is a ton of great content being created from my fellow Michigan bloggers that it would be a shame not to link to some of it. We have some original stuff on the way, but for now, let's take a look at what else is going on.

If you ever wanted to know if there is some strange correlation between the election of executive branch of the federal government and how well Michigan fares against their red state rival from one state away, MATW has up a pretty interesting analysis of such a debate.

Michigan Sports Center, one of favorite stops on the Michigan blog carousel has posted the highlights of the Monday presser. My favorite tidbit...Perry Dorrestein got "dinged in the head", but should be back and fine for the Toledo game.

Video: U-M weekly press conference 10.06.08

Video courtesy of MLive.com

Mgoblog, the alpha Michigan blog, posted a great video of the alumni male cheerleaders doing the "locomotive cheer" that only old cheerleaders knew how to do during the Illinois game. The rest of the fans were left scratching their heads when they heard the instructions over the PA system.

This video, and many many other great items can be seen here.

As you might expect, the Toledo game is not exactly sexy...so finding great content from the big boys like ESPN or SI or CBS might be tough this week for the average fan, so keep checking back every day for updates and analysis for this this weeks matchup.

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