Big Ten Weekly Pick-em: Week 8

Last week I was sideswiped by a couple losses. Most notably, the debacle in Ann Arbor, but also by Illinois losing to Minnesota. Why is Illinois so bad every week and then they look amazing again my beloved maize & blue?

Rhetorical, don't answer that.

Anyway, I have no idea where I rank, but assume it's towards the bottom of the BTB Pick'em standings. Hey, what can I say, when I see a team perform well one week, I assume they'd perform well the next. Call me crazy!

So, lets have a look at this week's B10 games.

Purdue @ Northwestern, 12:00 PM, ESPN2
I'm going with the Wildcats here. Purdue is ripe for a big win against a good team. And they are getting NW at the perfect time, right after a big loss at home. But all things the same, I'm going with NW because I think they have better coaching and better athletes. Plus they'll have the home team advantage. And Purdue is really bad. NW wins by a couple scores.

Wisconsin @ Iowa, 12:00 PM, BTN
Oh my how Wisconsin has fallen. They've fallen apart faster than Iowa did a couple years ago. 3 straight losses, one to Michigan on the road and two to big teams at home have left this team reeling. But they will save some face this week by beating a bad Iowa team. It should be a good close game though.

Ohio State @ Michigan State, 3:30PM, ABC
The game of the week fo sho! This will be a good one. Like I've been saying, tOSU is not that great, and Michigan State has every chance to get a big win here. The East Lansing faithful will be out in force. This one will be great fun to watch. I like Sparty in this game, purely based on the fact that they're at home, and I hate tOSU. Hopefully MSU wins a close one.

Indiana @ Illinois, 8:00 PM, BTN
A rare night game for the Big Ten Network. However, no chance this will be as close as I think it will. Illinois just can't play as bad as last week with the players that have...especially Juice Williams. Indiana is not good at all, so Illinois should have their way with them. But now that I've said that, it will probably go the other way. But I'll still take the Illini, comfortably.

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