Personnel Updates

Word on the street is that Steven Threet is questionable this week with an injury to his throwing elbow. Rodriguez said that if Threet is not totally 100%, he won't play. So, that probably means Nick Sheridan will start against PSU. But just coming down the wire is that true freshman Justin Feagin could see some time this week. ( link, subscription required). Earlier this season, maybe even pre-season, I speculated that everyone would know who Justin Feagin was by the end of the year. Hopefully, that prediction will come true.

Feagin is a pure spread/option style QB. Previously, he was considered to maybe be a more effective slot receiver, but given the state of Michigan QBs right now, he might be better suited as a signal caller. He wasn't on the depth chart in pre-season because, and this is just what I heard, that he wasn't getting as up to speed with the new offense as Threet and Sheridan had. But now, after 6 games, maybe it turns out he's more ready than the coaches thought.

Also hurt, but probable is WR Martavious Odoms, who was held out of last week's game with a bum shoulder. Brandon Minor was also hurt last week on his long touchdown catch in the first quarter. Doctors are calling it a rib injury. Word is he spent the night in the hospital recovering. Translation: Doubtful for this week.

Also out last week with a leg injury, DE Brandon Graham. From what I hear, he ought to be back this week, as will CB Donovan Warren. Linebackers Austin Panter (shoulder) and Kevin Leach (ankle) are both hurt this week and will not play.

Updated depth chart here.

If you happen to have one of those fancy Rivals subscriptions, you might want to check out the article on Tate Forcier...who says he's ready to step up as a hopeful Michigan QB next season. Seriously, if someone out there wants to share or give me a Rivals subscription, I'd so take it.

Speaking of recruits, MN WR Bryce McNeal has de-commited from the Wolverines. This happened last week, but we never mentioned it, so here it is. Via the link, and from what I hear, it is likely that he will give the Gophers a hard look. While he is still listing Michigan in his top 5, I doubt we'll see him back on the commitment list.

And finally, we have just put the finishing touches on our newest addition, our very own Eligibility Chart. Now you'll be able to track each class's members, and how much eligibility each player has left. Woot!

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