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It's been a slow week here at MBN, thanks mostly to life just not allowing me to post at my usual rate. However, the rest of the week is opening up, so posts should be fast a furious for the next couple days. I say "should", but who knows. Right now we'll start with some news and notes from this week in Michigan football leading up to Purdue.

Michigan RB Sam McGuffie and CB Michael Williams are doubtful this week after both sustained concussions last week against MSU.

Purdue QB Curtis Painter is also doubtful this week, as is his backup Joey Elliot who are both out with shoulder injuries. That leaves 3rd string QB Justin Siller, a potential RB at the beginning of the season, according to Tiller, to lead the Boilermakers this week.

The good folks over at Varsity Blue have posted a breakdown of a pass play early from the MSU game last week in a feature entitled "Inside the Play". It looks at a 3rd down play from MSU's first drive of the game last week, 3rd and 5 from their own 39 yard line. Very good breakdown.

All of the MBN links to the right have been updated this week, MBN Top 10, Depth Chart, B10 Standings and Schedule/Results.

And finally, just when you thought he was gone, Jim Carty finds his way back onto the web. This time, via an interview with MVictors. Of course we all know Jim Carty from his days with AA News, and now he comes back to talk with a fellow Michigan blogger about everything from law school to politics to the newspaper business. He comes off sounding a little bitter about his whole departure from the paper...which makes me wonder if his decision to leave was his or someone else's. Either way, I think Carty did more to drive people away from Michigan football than bring people together. He was a pundit and made his views clear, for better or worse. I'll just stop there so I don't get carried away.

More news coming later today, including a B10 weekly preview and closer look at this week's game.

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