BTB Roundtable - Week 9

This week's BTB roundtable comes to us from Penn State blog Nittany White Out. I just have to add that while they kicked our butts last week for one half of football, I am fully prepared to cheer them on this week as they head to Columbus for the Big Ten game of the year.

Cheers to the Nittany Lions. Go kick some Buckeye ass!

1. We're approaching week 9 now, are you pleasantly surprised or already waiting for basketball season?

This is Michigan, what basketball season? Hockey season? YES! No seriously, I'm a little disappointed with what I've seen so far. Not disappointed to give up on this team though (Never!). They've made improvements in some areas, been getting worse in others. All-in-all though, I know brighter days are ahead for this program. It may take a year or two, but once the right players get in the right place, good things will happen. And when they do, all of those Michigan fans who jumped off the bandwagon this season will be back. No bowl for this team this year, but you know what they say about all good things?

2. Describe one specific play from this season you would alter for a different outcome if you had the chance to.

The pick 6 from the Toledo game really hurt. Take that back and Michigan wins, giving us 3 wins and that much more of a chance to at least make a crappy bowl. If Threet tucks it and takes a sack, we live to fight another down, and at worst a field goal. But realistically, it was a 14 point swing that shocked the Big House and both teams.

3. How could it (#2) possibly impact the way your season is going?

Well, we keep our undefeated streak against MAC schools alive and don't have to listen to Sparty or tOSU idiots tell us we suck because we lost to Toledo.

4. Big Ten player you just can't stand, why?

Juice Williams. Why? Because he's so damn inconsistent. He torched Michigan on the ground and the air. But against schools like Missouri, Louisiana-Lafayette, Penn State, Minnesota and Indiana he comes out flat and plays like just an average QB (at least on the ground). Part of me thinks his talents are just being wasted by a bad coaching staff in Illinois, and why can't Michigan get a guy like that. But then I tell myself that the only reason he's playing for Zook has less to do with football and more to do with Benjamin's. But you didn't hear that from me.

5. Boo'ing your own team (we've seen quite a lot of this across the Big Ten this season), your feelings on this.

Yes, I'm firmly against it. It's been a huge part of this bloggers quest to change one Michigan at a time. Every other Michigan blogger worth his (or her) salt is with me on this. We've heard a lot of booing in the Big House this year, as everyone just assumed greatness takes 6 months to create from scratch.

I'm not a season ticket holder, but the more games I go to this year (so far 3), the more I am happy that I have the option to watch the games from home (in stunning high definition) and not have to endure the morons at the Big House. Not all of them are morons, but I'd say 1 in 10 are the ones I'm referring to.

Bonus Round

1. Number of beers or alcoholic drinks consumed by week 8 (or a good estimate)

About the same number as fumbles and interceptions so far this year by Michigan's offense and special teams.

2. Most annoying commercial seen this season

And, as a bonus because it's such a great ad that I will never get tired of...

Okay, last one...this song always gets stuck in my head after watching this ad.

3. Your prediction for the next coaching change in the Big Ten (Joe Tiller exempt)

I'll say, and this is with about 10% confidence, Joe Paterno. Why? Well, this is his last year of his contract (as if that matters), and he seems to spend more time in the pressbox than on the sidelines. But I think this season is his best chance to go out on top, in case that's a big deal for JoPa. If not, then who knows. But the man is getting old. And speaking of I the only one creeped out at the end of the Big Ten Network ad when he grits his teeth and says "Come to Penn Staaaaaaate!"?

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