Steve Kampfer's Head Bashed in by Mike Milano

In what can only be described as a "major altercation", Michigan hockey player Steve Kampfer got into it with Michigan football RB Mike Milano early Sunday morning. Apparently, the two began fighting and Milano body-slammed and smashed Kampfer's head into the sidewalk.

Police say Milano was accompanied by two other men.

The end result, from what I hear, is a cracked skull. Michigan hockey coach Red Berenson said that Kampfer would be out for quite a while.

The Ann Arbor police have not released any specific details and athletic department has yet to comment.

I'm sure this is not the last we'll hear of this.


  1. There was no "fight", it was a gutless assault from behind on an unsuspecting victim, by a juiced up third rate alleged "football player" and failed "wrestler".

    Check the psycho for roids and throw the book at him. Then kill the football program completely for the public good. It just attracts felons and public nuisances to the campus.

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I know Milano personally, I'll keep it at that, and it wasn't steroids that caused this incident. He's just a f***ing a**hole. And the two guys he was with were his a**hole brothers. This isn't the first fight he's been in and certainly not the first one he's started in Ann Arbor. I agree he should be kicked off the team and suffer some serious consequences. His dads a big shot lawyer in Ohio that's bailed him out of trouble his whole life, so we'll see what happens this time...

  3. Yeah we all know that in a fair fight a hockey player would waste some silly foosballer any day of the week. This was obviously an unprovoked assault.

  4. Yeah we all know that in a fair fight a hockey player would waste some silly foosballer any day of the week. This was obviously an unprovoked assault.

  5. Anonymous9:44 PM

    This kid was a bully in high school, with quite the ego. We need to stop putting athletes on a pedestal.

  6. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Gutless? Ruthless?

    How many of you were actually there. Fights happen all the time. I personally know Milano and he wouldn't hurt anyone unless they are deserving. Sometimes you bite more than you can chew. It's a life lesson. He was definitely not a bull in High School. If you can name one fight he got in while at Rocky River, I'd like to hear it. Exactly. You won't because he hasn't been in any and never bullied. You are probably some weak fool envious of success.

  7. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I laugh at all the ignorant comments. Steroids? More like a lifetime of dedication to the gym and working out. Unless you were in the gym training with him since elementary school (wrestling) you have no room to talk.

    And what cases has his Dad bailed him out on? Again, you have nothing to say because there haven't been any past cases. You guys sound like a bunch of girls. I'm assuming you are some band members from the former RRHS.

  8. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I know someone who Milano did bully at RRHS and it is not a band member. He hurt someone I know, it was emotional abuse! If this is Milano - maybe your friends from RRHS will remember!

  9. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Milano is scum and his ambulance chasing lawyer father is scum. This does not suprise me. I live in River and their reputation precedes them. To the anon idiot who is defending them above you are a piece of crap too.