Threet vs. Pryor

Sometimes, stats have a way of making you scratch your head.

As of Oct. 4, Michigan has played Steven Threet in 5 games so far this year. Terrelle Pryor has seen action in 6 games. And based on stats up until 10/4/08, Steve Threet has ranked higher in total offense than Maurice Clarrett 2.0.

Steven Threet
Games Played In: 5
Rush Yards: 99
Pass Yards: 653
Plays: 156
Total Yards: 752
Yards/Play: 4.8
Yards/Gm: 150.4

Terrelle Pryor
Games Played In: 6
Rush Yards: 312
Pass Yards: 440
Plays: 127
Total Yards: 752
Yards/Play: 5.9
Yards/Gm: 125.3

Not shocking numbers, and of course Pryor has less plays with the same number of total yards, but Threet has played in one less game, so I consider it a wash. But Michigan has been awful this year with the #109 ranked offense in the country. How is it that a transfer from Georgia Tech at a struggling school can have the same offensive output as the greatest recruit of all-time?

These stats are as of 10/4/08.


  1. lol...grasping at straws, are we? Pick your battles, man...this one makes you look foolish.

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Seriously dude, shall we look at some other stats:

    UM: 2-4 OSU: 6-1

    UM Losses: Toledo (MAC), Utah (MWC) Notre Dame (Independant), and Illinois

    OSU Losses: USC (Ranked)

    OSU: Bowl Eligible
    UM: Under .500

    Seriously, pick your battles. You can talk once UM is, well, good.

  3. Okay, really people? Taking me a bit serious on this one? I'd take Pryor on a Pepsi Challenge any day.

    The whole idea of this post was to illustrate that stats sometimes don't always tell the whole story.

  4. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Im an OSU fan who has been scrutinized for OSU's lack of offense and big game team, so excuse my defensiveness