Carty Leaves Ann Arbor News

Just came down the wire from MVictors, Jim Carty, sportswriter from the Ann Arbor News has decided to leave the paper.

Jimbo's farewell address.

I'm sure more will be heard about this as details emerge. Maybe it was the huge hollow thud that resounded after his "investigation" over the summer into Michigan athletes getting preferential treatment by University professors created, wasting tons of the AA News dollars and time.

Either way, Jim Carty had amazing access to the program, especially during a time before Rodriguez where official information was usually hard to come by. This blogger will not miss him of course, we made our opinions clear months ago.

I predicted that it would be guys like Carty that would suddenly make everyone realize that we really don't need local sportswriters. I just didn't assume it was happen to quickly.

So, have a nice life Jim. Don't let the door hit you in the @$$ on the way out!

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