Big Weekend for Michigan Recruits

While the Wolverines and Spartans are battling it out on the field this weekend at the Big House, a whole slew of recruits will be on the sidelines. This weekend will be the biggest recruiting weekend for Michigan (in Ann Arbor) this season.

Among them, recruits taking an official visit...

• Shavodrick Beaver, ****QB
• Anthony LaLota, ****DE
• Vincent Smith, ***RB
• Dewayne Peace, ***WR

• Vladimir Emilien, ****S
• Josh Robinson, ****WR
• Travis Bond, ***OL
• Willie Haulstead, ****WR

Also, recruits taking an unofficial visit...

• Tate Forcier, ****QB
• Ricardo Miller, WR (Junior)
• Jeremy Jackson, WR (Junior)

• Brennan Clay, RB (Junior)
• Marvin Robinson, S (Junior)
• Lo Wood, CB (Junior)

There will also be a few key in-state and midwest recruits among these guys who I was not able to find to list here. This list will continue to grow as the week progresses.

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