BTB Roundtable - Jeopardy Style

In a unique twist of boredom, Beauford Bixel from the The Only Game that Matters, has decided, as the host of this week's roundtable, to mix it up and provide the answers as we the bloggers provide the questions. Do I like it? You bet I do. Will you like it? You better!

Alex, I'll take "Overrated and Underachieving College Football Conferences" for $100, please.

A: Jay Paterno and the Spread HD
Q: What is the worst thing that could possibly pop into your head while you're getting it on?

A: Joe Tiller's Mustache
Q: What is stronger than oak, yet silky smooth?

A: The Color Purple
Q: What is the color of Michigan's fans faces after watching Martavious Odoms fumble the kickoff in the 4th quarter of the Illinois game?

A: Brains
Q: What is not a major recruiting factor for the athletic admissions department at tOSU?

A: Hawkeye State
Q: Name the first Big Ten state that comes to mind when you think "consistently overrated".

A: Rudy
Q: Who still sucks?

A: Knee Ligaments
Q: What should tOSU fans pray doesn't get hurt on Terrell Pryor's body in the next 3 years?

A: Terrell Pryor
Q: Who should've picked Michigan, and knows it?

A: Mark May
Q: Who should be fired at ESPN right after Kirk Herbstreit, Lou Holtz and Lee Corso?

A: Rich Rodriguez
Q: Who will bring the Big Ten back to the proverbial table in terms of respectability?

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