Saturday Scrimmage Highlights [Video]

Did you hear??? Michigan scrimmaged Michigan Saturday evening in Michigan Stadium. Not surprisingly, media was not invited. Nevertheless, the prepackaged highlights have been posted as a CTK (countdown to kickoff) and digested by the Maize & Blue masses.

Here's 4 minutes of highlights to get you through the next 12 days.

Countdown to Kickoff 2013: Day 13 - Scrimmage... by mgovideo

I think when it comes to these videos, we see what we want to see. Some see the offense making a big play...some see the defense getting burned. Or, vice versa. The truth is, good things are happening in this video. The team overall is looking bigger, fast and sharp. Which jives with everything we've heard coming out of fall camp so far.

I'm not going to go all bulleted list on you, but I do want to note the presence of Jack Miller at center and Graham Glasgow at left guard. This leaves, potentially, Ben Braden as you're go-to for almost any non-center backup. He's not alone of course, but it's been widely assumed Braden had a hold on the LG spot.

And the defensive line is a smattering of roughly 10 guys who will see decent playing time. We here at MBN are just fine with this.

All I really care about at this point is that every one's ACLs are intact and no one's rolling ankles or spraining knees. Keep Calm and Go Blue!

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